We don’t usually give a second thought to the amount of times per day our toilet is used, but did you know that a person usually uses the toilet about 2,500 times per year? Nearly every one of us has at least one toilet in our home, without it, we would be lost. So keeping this important part of our home in tip top shape is a good idea. Its a also good idea to know a little more about how to maintain our toilets so that they are in good working order.

Toilets actually have quite a complex design and require all their parts to be in good working order. Look out for any part of the toilet with a chip or any type of damage. If an inspector sees it, he would need to write it up as a defective toilet.

To test that your toilet is in good working order, flush each one in your home, observe if any are taking a long time to fill up, as well as if they are taking a long time to flush. Is the toilet constantly running? This may seem like a minor issue, but using that much water constantly could prove expensive if you have mains water. Even if you have a private well, you could be damaging the pump not to mention drying up your well quicker. It is a problem in either case.

How old is your toilet?

We have probably hardly thought about how much water each toilet flush takes, but were you aware that federal law restricts a toilet flush to 1.6 gallons of water or less per flush? This restriction, however only applies to toilets manufactured after 1994.

If you would like to schedule a toilet inspection for your home, please feel free to contact us.

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