The ant… a very very very small creature, and alone, is completely harmless. However, when you get a whole colony involved in your home, then its time to take care of business. But how are you going to take out a whole colony of ants that have invaded your home? Well here are just a few simple suggestions in which you can do just that.

Well, the first thing you need to do is actually look for where the colonies nest is. You might be able to do so by looking for a scout ant, which will then leave a pheromone trail behind it for the colony to find it and follow it, leading to potential new nesting grounds. So once you find the actual nest, unleash the pesticide powder, which just sprinkles on to the nest and surrounding ants. Then, just vacuum up everything that remains, and dump what you sucked up into the vacuum cleaner outside and away from your home.

What you can also do is set up ant traps all across your house. Some commercial traps work the best, like those that can trap an entire colony and be released out of your house. If your going to use poison to kill the ants, it’s highly recommended that you do not use it around a small child or toddler. Doing so will help to preserve the safety and welfare of your family and your house.


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