If you are approaching retirement age, preparing for a time when advancing age may mean you will be less active is not an enjoyable prospect. It is the course of wisdom though, to plan now to ensure life is a little easier in the future. What kind of plans can be made?

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is important to staying young, but what about our living situation? Can we make adjustments in our home to accommodate changing needs?

Start by looking at any areas of the home that are starting to need work. It might be a good idea to have areas like the roof or heating system inspected. That way you will know what to start budgeting for. Do you have plans to remodel any rooms of the house? Perhaps you could add certain features that would be good for someone with limited mobility.

Do you have family members who will be taking care of you should the need arise? Now is a good time to discuss the plans you have with them, that way they will know your wishes and be able to act accordingly. One subject that is wise to discuss is whether you would like to stay in your home if you become less mobile or if you would be content to move to a place that is equipped for your needs.

This might be a fitting time to think about putting money aside in a separate account for future home maintenance? This can eliminate worry later on. Review your finances and retirement plans to make sure they are all up to date and in order

Although thinking about this is not pleasant, preparing for it will help give you and your family better peace of mind.


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